Fostering Growth of the Body and Mind

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Are you interested in holistic healing services? Have you always wanted to explore a unique treatment option? Wellness Centered LLC is a wellness center that offers holistic healing services in Johnson City, NY. We have spaces available for reiki healing, yoga and other holistic practices. Our goal is to promote awareness in our community of all the options available to those seeking relief and provide a center for those going through mental health struggles.

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Creating Unique, Helpful Experiences

Clients come to our center for services like:

  • Reiki healing
  • Meditation classes
  • Past life regression therapy

Whether you'd like to meet with a meditation coach or discover something new about yourself through an energy reading, you can turn to us. Call 607-765-8667 now to discuss your options with one of our team members.

Address Your Body and Mind

Turn to us for holistic healing services

What Do We Believe?

Whether you're seeking an alternative way to take care of your body, or you want to get in touch with your inner being, talk to our certified reiki master. We promote practices and healing that:

Focus on the whole body

Strive to ease anxiety and depression

Supplement medicine with meditative practices

Our owner began her career in the medical field, but she wanted to give people an option outside of the medical model. That's when our center was born. If you have any questions about our wellness center, reach out to us today.