Recenter Yourself for the Week Ahead

Enjoy private meditation sessions with a meditation coach in Johnson City, NY

With a loud, stressed mind, it can feel impossible to get a moment's peace. Help from a meditation coach may be the push you need to slow down. Wellness Centered LLC in Johnson City, NY can help you through a private meditation session on a Sunday morning or afternoon. Our owner will lead you through a meditation to help you return to your center. We also offer yoga through our yoga partners.

Call 607-765-8667 now if you'd like to schedule a private meditation session.

Learn more about our meditation classes

When you want to take some time for yourself and get in touch with your inner being, meditation is the perfect place to start. With our meditation classes, we:

  • Encourage taking what you need
  • Lead clients through peaceful meditations
  • Help clients decompress and prepare for the upcoming week

Our meditation coach will guide you through the meditation process and help you build a foundation for holistic health and healing. Connect with our meditation coach today if you're interested in a session.